Visit Us

The Under the Sun Foundation’s Sky Art sculptures are on permanent display in Borrego Springs, CA. Their locations are marked on the PDF map (linked above). The map is also widely available in various local hotels, stores and at the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce.


We want all visitors to have a wonderful experience visiting the art. Please always be mindful of basic safety when enjoying the art and the desert in general:

  • Carry plenty of water
  • Stay alert to the possibility of encountering snakes and other wildlife
  • Some art is quite far from paved roads, and cars have gotten stuck in soft sand. Be mindful of your vehicle’s suitability for visiting some locations
  • Please do not climb on or touch the art works. You could damage the works, and you could get hurt.


The Under the Sun Foundation seeks to balance public access to all art with raising awareness around preservation of the undeveloped and undisturbed desert landscape held by the Foundation. Please do not forge new paths with your vehicle to visit the art. By taking some steps to respect our natural environment we will all be able to enjoy it and preserve it for the future.


We hope you enjoy your visit! Take and share photos, think about the beauty of nature, find inspiration—this is a place to come together.